What is "GRIT"?

Individual perseverance. It is the tenacity to hang on and not give up when things get tough, scary or uncomfortable. 

Who does Y.E.T.I. serve?

At Y.E.T.I. we strive to remove economic barriers to the outdoors so that all youth can engage in our programs.  Our programs are designed for youth ages 5-18 from the Highline and Seattle School.

What is the difference between Y.E.T.I. and other outdoor rec programs?

At Y.E.T.I. our programs are more than just a trip into the woods. We help our students realize their full potential by pushing them to step out of their comfort zone to reach peaks they never thought possible. We coach them through the most difficult task and teach them to support one another. Through this process our students develop a growth mindset, changing "I can't" to "let me try again".  Y.E.T.I. relies on a community to help support our students and we work in tandem with other organizations to provide our participants with equipment, knowledgeable leadership, and transportation. Additionally, YETI makes the outdoors accessible to all students from diverse ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds in King County.

What activities do you offer?

We currently offer hiking, camping, backpacking, climbing, mountaineering, rafting, skiing/snowboarding, snowshoeing  and sea kayaking programming. 

Who are the leaders?

We are volunteer-based; recruiting dedicated outdoor recreation enthusiasts who thrive when sharing their passion with the next generation. As participants age out of our programs we encourage them to give back and many of our volunteers are Y.E.T.I. alumni. Teachers, principals, social workers, counselors, and PTA's all help us with out outreach and connecting Y.E.T.I. to the students who need it most. 

Where do you get gear and outdoor access? 

Relationships with the gear lending library at Washington Trails Association, REI, and individual gear manufacturers have made it possible to outfit our participants with the high quality gear they need to safely partake in outdoor recreation. The Waskowitz Outdoor School in the Highline School District and Camp Long of Seattle Parks and Recreation allow us to use their challenge courses; and we work with the National Park Service to permit our back-country trips. It is only with the support of our community that we serve out community.

How do I sign up a student for a Y.E.T.I. program?

Y.E.T.I. posts upcoming programs on our website. The best way to be up to date on new trips and adventures being offered is to be on our mailing list. Contact us at talia.hirsch@goyeti.org for more information.

How can I get involved with Y.E.T.I.?


We are always looking for volunteers to lead our programs and help with outreach. If you want to get involved email, talia.hirsch@goyeti.org. 

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